MealFlour 3



MealFlour is a social enterprise that trains communities with high rates of chronic malnutrition how to build and maintain environmentally sustainable mealworm farms, and how to turn mealworms into a protein-rich powder. The participants in the trainings can incorporate the protein powder into existing local staple foods or sell the powder in local markets and bakeries for an additional source of income. MealFlour currently works in Guatemala, which has the world’s fourth highest rate of chronic malnutrition.

Recently, MealFlour reported that 43 Guatemalan university students have completed its crash course program, 5 women have completed its full training program, and 9 community leaders are currently participating in its “train the trainer” program. As mealworm farming expands throughout Guatemala, the venture is continuing to refine the methods it will use to asses the impact on income and health. It is also currently collaborating with several other Guatemalan NGOs to find a way to incorporate mealworm farmer trainings into their work as well.

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