Moses Eteku

Moses eteku hails from Soroti district which is located in the eastern part of Uganda. He is finalist student at the Makerere University in Uganda pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. He is the founder of the social venture known as the Stockfarm ltd, a social enterprise that aims at connecting the Ugandan local […]

Stock Farm LTD

Stockfarm Ltd. is supporting smallholder farmers in Uganda by providing them with supplemental income through pig rearing and access to the necessary training, market access, and capital from investors. This will help them increase their capacity and better compete with commercial farms.

Education Equity Foundation

The Education Equity Foundation aims to address education inequality in Jamaica by providing access to tablets and data for students to access learning remotely.

Celeste Nottingham

Celeste Nottingham is a first year student of the University of the West Indies,Mona, majoring in International Relations with Minor in Spanish.  As a budding diplomat, and enthusiast of all things related to foreign affairs, being a part of the Model United Nations club has provided her with opportunities to not only develop skills in […]

Tamoy Campbell

Tamoy Campbell is a final year law student at the UWI Mona, Faculty of Law, where she also serves as the President of the Mona Law Society and UWI Guild Faculty of Law Representative 2021 2022. Tamoy is also an experienced writer who values fact-based research, junior policy analyst for a Senator, National Youth Parliamentarian- […]

Sydney Fraser

Sydney attends the University of the West Indies and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Laws Degree. As someone who loves to travel and experience new cultures, Sydney decided to attend university in Jamaica, although she is originally from Guyana- a small but beautiful and diverse country in South America. Growing up in Guyana, Sydney […]

Tennyson Nkhoma

Tennyson Bilinkhinyu Nkhoma is a Malawian young professional, studying agriculture science at EARTH University in Costa Rica. He also holds a Diploma in land administration obtained from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Malawi. He further has certificate in business and entrepreneurship development conferred by Young Africa Leaders Initiative (YALI) at the University […]

Winfred Nziku

Winfred Alfred Nziku is an Undergraduate Degree student of Agricultural Science at EARTH University in Costa Rica, cofounder of the social venture known as CROWN MULTIVERSE. He is a self-motivated, committed, and hardworking individual. A key player to personal and community development by creating agricultural solutions, which assure wellbeing of the producers and consumers. He […]

Crown Multiverse

Crown Multiverse will eliminate the use of synthetic pesticides in tomato production by producing organic pesticides made from Tithonia diversifolia (Mexican sunflower) through a closed circle production system of tomatoes which will also employ maximum use of organic fertilizers made from the sunflowers mixed with tomato waste.

Sandra Mukoya

Mukoya Sandra is a final year student at Makerere University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in social work and social administration. She is a co-founder of Kwesa Organic Products, a social venture that aims at ensuring a safe and clean environment for everyone and promoting natural and healthy organic products. Sandra is a very hardworking and […]