Issue Area: Basic Needs


Fastmere is  a social enterprise that is using an online platform to help smallholder farmers sell their produce at more profitable prices. Fastmere also seeks to connect smallholder farmers to large scale consumers, like restaurants and hotels, while helping the consumers get fresh products at affordable prices, without having to move to crowded marketplaces.

Ndagire Moreen Maria

Ndagire Moreen Maria is a 23-year-old Ugandan currently pursuing her degree in Agricultural science and natural resource management at Earth University of Costa Rica. As the current CEO and founder of Fastmere, she has dedicated her efforts to working with rural farmers in Uganda through a committed team to help them better face the challenges …

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Ewoenam Ablo

Ewoenam is a 21-year-old final year student at the University of Ghana studying a Combined Major in Sociology and Geography. Expecting to complete school in May 2020, she looks forward to pursuing a master’s in Social Protection specifically, child and family studies. She likes to learn new things and is always ready to explore. Her …

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Emanuella Biney

Emmanuella Biney is an undergraduate at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology reading BSc. Environmental Science. With an interest in international affairs and diplomacy, she is a Sustainable Development Goals advocate, championing Goal 13, Climate Action, having participated in various United Nations SDG conferences. She served as a delegate in the Lifelink Model United …

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Susan Sena

Susan Sena Azasoo is the founder of the Save our Soles (SOS) project. She is a young lady currently a third (3rd) year undergraduate student studying Allied Health with previously acquired certificates in the German language from the University of Ghana and Story Writing from the creative Writing Academy. Susan is passionate about child health …

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Save our Soles (SOS)

This venture aims to provide handcrafted shoes to students in Agorko, Ghana with the aim of increasing students’ school attendance rates.

Arnold Katende

Arnold is a leader of change with a deep personal commitment of transforming and improving the lives of families and communities around him.He previously attended Sussex Coast College Hastings in England under the prestigious Pestalozzi UK scholarship. Currently he is aMasterCard Foundation Scholar studying agriculture engineering at EARTH University in Costa Rica. Arnold is the …

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Allan Busuulwa

Allan Busuulwa is an Ugandan citizen and a student at Earth University in Costa Rica majoring in Agricultural Science and Natural Resource management. At Earth University, he participates in various Permanent Education Program activities where he participates in training the general public in natural resource management and sustainable agriculture. Allan’s interest in business for social …

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GenFarm Financial Enterprise

GenFarm Financial Enterprise will empower smallholder farmers in Northern Uganda through financial literacy training, access to agricultural technologies, and end-to-end services that optimize crop yields and labor productivity. GenFarm will also develop strategies to improve market access for smallholder farmer’s agricultural products in Northern Uganda.

Onyango Oketch

Onyango “Peter” Oketch was born in a small village in Uganda, was self-employed and later worked at freedom in creation as a farm manager.He currently studies at Earth University he is decisive and confident, quick to listen and consider other opinions, and accustomed to working with extensive pressure, therefore, not easily intimidated by circumstances that cause …

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