Stichting Resolution NL

The objective of Stichting Resolution NL (Resolution Project’s entity in The Netherlands) is to support social entrepreneurs and socially-responsible professionals throughout the world through funding, mentorship, community, and opportunity access, and, moreover, anything which may directly or indirectly relate or be conducive to the aforementioned, all of which in the broadest sense of the terms.

Board details

As of the date of incorporation, Resolution Project’s board has the following members:

  • Yvonne Buysman
  • Howard Levine
  • Maria Livanos Cattaui
  • Eric Sporkin
  • George Tsiatis, Chairperson

Resolution Project board members are not remunerated in their capacity as board members.

Contact details:

Leidseplein 21
2013 PV Haarlem
The Netherlands
​+1 212-259-9449

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