Lindsay Bushong

Lindsay Bushong

Lindsay Bushong





Lindsay is passionate about turning century-old cities into modern, sustainable meccas that further education, health and happiness. She looks to learn as much as possible about the environment, culture and communication. She currently is pursing a Bachelors Degree in Urban Environmental Studies and an Architectural/Digital Media double minor from Drexel University. She sees the built environment as an opportunity to pursue sustainability and the progression of technology as a viable resource to tell the stories of our ever-changing environment. Through her love of urban gardening and farming, education surrounding sustainability and nutrition has become a top priority and she hopes to help as many people as possible learn about the benefits of becoming ‘environmentally-friendly’ and growing their own food. She hopes to one day enter Graduate School for a Masters Degree in Urban Planning or begin a job that will fulfill her ambitions. Aside from her environmental passions, Lindsay also has a keen eye for design and a love of art. When she isn’t crocheting or browsing craft blogs, you may find her reading, or on a long hike. She also has a strong desire for adventure which leads her on many road trips, weekend escapes and travels.

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