Issue Area: Development

Heritage Charity Foundation

Heritage Charity Foundation will combine organic farming and entrepreneurship training to create a practical and integrated learning experience for unemployed youth.

Arnold Katende

Arnold is a leader of change with a deep personal commitment of transforming and improving the lives of families and communities around him.He previously attended Sussex Coast College Hastings in England under the prestigious Pestalozzi UK scholarship. Currently he is aMasterCard Foundation Scholar studying agriculture engineering at EARTH University in Costa Rica. Arnold is the …

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Allan Busuulwa

Allan Busuulwa is an Ugandan citizen and a student at Earth University in Costa Rica majoring in Agricultural Science and Natural Resource management. At Earth University, he participates in various Permanent Education Program activities where he participates in training the general public in natural resource management and sustainable agriculture. Allan’s interest in business for social …

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GenFarm Financial Enterprise

GenFarm Financial Enterprise will empower smallholder farmers in Northern Uganda through financial literacy training, access to agricultural technologies, and end-to-end services that optimize crop yields and labor productivity. GenFarm will also develop strategies to improve market access for smallholder farmer’s agricultural products in Northern Uganda.

Daniel Deng

Daniel Deng attends Babson College, studies Business Analytics and Finance, and looks forward to pursuing a career in actuarial science. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation, especially the development and advancement of trade and business on the African continent. Since high school, Daniel has been an avid champion of peace and positive community transformation …

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Guillame Dabre founded GreenFaso, a youth initiative in Burkina Faso, to educate local communities about environmental degradation and the benefits of recycling. GreenFaso will place 1,000 trash cans and recycling bins in the capital city of Ouagadougo to stimulate appropriate waste disposal, and will hire workers to monitor and sustain a system of trash removal …

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Dabre Guillaume

Guillaume Dabre was born on 1994 in Burkina Faso. He attended the public primary school of Lengha before continuing at Saint Augustine’s minor seminary of Baskouré and then at Saint Kisito’s minor seminary of Bougui. He passed the A level’s examination on July 2013 with a national Excellence Awards. He was also granted the national …

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Onyango Oketch

Onyango “Peter” Oketch was born in a small village in Uganda, was self-employed and later worked at freedom in creation as a farm manager.He currently studies at Earth University he is decisive and confident, quick to listen and consider other opinions, and accustomed to working with extensive pressure, therefore, not easily intimidated by circumstances that cause …

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Grace Aguti

Grace Aguti is a courageous, social and ambitious girl, who is currently an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in agricultural sciences at EARTH University in Costa Rica. Her goal is to become an agricultural biotechnologist, with a long-term aspiration of moving into an extension worker and contributing to the future goals of sustainable development through …

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Pura Vida

Pura Vida is tackling food insecurity in the Gulu District of Uganda by developing an innovative greenhouse and food drying system. The Prefabrication Bamboo Greenhouse will ensure families can reliably grow food during the dry season and dry their produce in the wet season, ultimately increasing their food security, health, and household income.