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Esther Lucy Adeke




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When you grow up in a society where life is lived communally, you will have a better understanding of the community with both its problems and resolutions so is the story of Esther Lucy Adeke. Raised in typical African setting in the areas of Teso sub region in eastern Uganda whose culture is strongly communal gave her first hand encounter with the plight of marginalized community members which sparked her passion for social change. 

To be better placed, she enrolled to Makerere University as community psychology trainee. She has led as vice president of United Nations Association of Uganda, vice president of Makerere Class Representatives Association, a family head at MasterCard foundation scholars etc. 

She has done giveback among marginalized groups of people including orphanages, rehabilitation centers and babies homes. Esther has also studied course in accounting. At craftwear city Uganda, Esther will serve as team lead and financial manager.