Rashid Wamoka

Wamoka Rashid is a third-year student pursuing a bachelors of veterinary medicine from Makerere University and a leader at different associations for people with disabilities including serving as speaker of Bududda Association of persons with disabilities. He has taken online course on entrepreneurship with Junior Achievers that teaches entrepreneurial skills. This has given him ideas […]

Ibrahim Lubega

Gifted with sharp mind, an innate ability to connect with others, Lubega Ibrahim is the go-to man for some of the top names in the Ugandan enterprises. Having grown up in an entrepreneurial environment, Ibrahim embraced this culture. At an early age, he was recognised as the most entrepreneurial student at Kibuli secondary school. This […]

Esther Lucy Adeke

When you grow up in a society where life is lived communally, you will have a better understanding of the community with both its problems and resolutions so is the story of Esther Lucy Adeke. Raised in typical African setting in the areas of Teso sub region in eastern Uganda whose culture is strongly communal […]

Craftwear City Uganda

Craftwear City Uganda is the solution that aims at empowering people with disabilities through training them on making craft pieces (starting with shoes) in addition to other core life skills such as goal setting, collaboration, financial literacy skills, online marketing and transformative leadership.

Africa Green Plus

A venture in Benin that works on providing organic biofertilizers to reduce contamination of water sources, erosion, destruction of soil structure and the spread of cancerous diseases caused by chemical fertilizers. The venture also plans to employ disabled and other marginalized youth to help integrate them into society.

Ferdinand Lowanou

Ferdinand LOWANOU (Benin), holds a scientific baccalaureate and graduated in Science and Technique of Animal Production (STPA) from the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences (FSA) at the University of Abomey-Calavi. A Millenium Class 2023 Bousier, Ferdinand is currently a candidate at the Ashinaga Initiative for Africa (IAA), where he is taking part in a study camp. […]

Rasika Adhikari

Rasika is a passionate individual for social justice issues particularly concerning women. Coming from the captivating city of Kathmandu, Nepal, she brings a rich cultural background and is interested in art, music and eastern philosophy. Currently studying in the US, she holds the position of International Student Representative in the Student Government and frequently participates […]

Bold Nepal

BOLD Nepal aims to tackle the challenge of increasing cases of rape and sexual abuse among young girls by equipping them with self defense techniques and by providing sexual health education that will prepare girls for safety and enhance their physical and mental strength.

Lilian Yamu

Ashimwe is a dedicated and ambitious student with a passion for social impact. She is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in International Relations at United States International University Africa. With a strong commitment to making a positive difference in the world, Ashimwe has engaged in various extracurricular activities that reflect her interests and values. Throughout […]

Oladayo Olatunji

Olatunji Oladayo is a student at United States International University-Africa, majoring in International Relations. He is a resilient, result-oriented, resourceful, and creative person. Olatunji is a person with a physical disability (right hand) and from a very disadvantageous background. His parents are subsistence farmers in one of the rural community areas, Ose Local Government Area, […]