Ibrahim Lubega


Ibrahim Lubega




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Gifted with sharp mind, an innate ability to connect with others, Lubega Ibrahim is the go-to man for some of the top names in the Ugandan enterprises.

Having grown up in an entrepreneurial environment, Ibrahim embraced this culture. At an early age, he was recognised as the most entrepreneurial student at Kibuli secondary school. This however seems to be his fate. As campus, he has utilized both his psychology knowledge and marketing ability to help several businesses to grow. He founded Klassic ushers, a gentlemen’s ushering company offering quality ushering services to Ugandans

 Because of his peculiar love for social change, he has led in several outreaches such as Makerere University Moslem student’s association outreach, Educate an Orphan run among others. He has a keen interest in advocating for people with disabilities around Kampala suburbs, the university and outside. Ibrahim will be the marketing officer of Craftwear city Uganda.