Moses Eteku

Moses eteku hails from Soroti district which is located in the eastern part of Uganda. He is finalist student at the Makerere University in Uganda pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. He is the founder of the social venture known as the Farmpawa, a social enterprise that aims at connecting the Ugandan local farmers […]

Christian ADOH

Christian ADOH was born on October 6, 2000 in Banigbé in the town of Lalo in Benin. Thanks to his excellence in school, he won the prize of Best English Students’ Awards Contest (BESA) 2014 organized by the American Cultural Center in Benin in collaboration with the English Teachers’Association of Mono-Couffo. Christian ADOH is a […]


Adéléké OGOUTCHEMI is a young agronomist, born in 2003 in Kpédékpo in Benin. Orphan of mother at the age of 2, he obtained his primary school certificate at the public primary school of Oké-Ogniboin 2011 and his certificate of study of the first cycle at the general education college of Abadago in 2016. His education […]

Sandra Mukoya

Mukoya Sandra is a final year student at Makerere University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in social work and social administration. She is a co-founder of Kwesa Organic Products, a social venture that aims at ensuring a safe and clean environment for everyone and promoting natural and healthy organic products. Sandra is a very hardworking and […]

Kaweesi Edwin

Kaweesi Edwin is currently a student at Makerere University pursuing an undergraduate degree in social work and social administration. He is a co-founder of Kwesa Organic products which is waste management venture in the slums of Kampala based in Namuwongo slum. Edwin’s goal is to see his community changed and that is why he is […]