Lenora Kelen


Lenora Kelen





Lenora Kelen is a young, ambitious Cameroonian who has dedicated herself to creating positive impact. As a student at USIU-Africa majoring in International Business Administration and concentrating in Marketing, she is not only passionate about her studies but also deeply committed to creating change. Lenora’s leadership skills shine through her role as the current Vice President of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars at USIU-Africa, where she actively contributes to fostering a thriving community of scholars.

Moreover, Lenora is a visionary co-founder of the social venture “MbuziBora,” an initiative with a noble vision: to empower widows and single mothers for a brighter future. Her tireless efforts in this endeavour exemplify her commitment to supporting and uplifting those who are often marginalised in society. Kelen is an emerging feminist economist, poised to make a significant impact through the economic empowerment of women and girls in the realms of international business and marketing.