Reggie Okoko

Reggie is a fourth-year Computer Science student at the Glasgow Caledonian University (African Leadership College). He is passionate about utilizing AI to develop innovative and sustainable solutions in the CleanTech and Energy sectors. Reggie is the founder and project lead of Glow and Grow. He is a Co-Designer at the Diana Award and a Resolution […]

Cynthia Gichuki

Cynthia Njoki Gichuki, a driven and determined entrepreneur from Kenya, is currently pursuing a degree in Business Management at the Africa Leadership College. She’s the visionary founder of “Glow and Grow,” a venture that reflects her dual passions for Renewable Energy and Finance. Cynthia’s quirky and creative personality adds a unique touch to her work, […]

Ferdinand Lowanou

Ferdinand LOWANOU (Benin), holds a scientific baccalaureate and graduated in Science and Technique of Animal Production (STPA) from the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences (FSA) at the University of Abomey-Calavi. A Millenium Class 2023 Bousier, Ferdinand is currently a candidate at the Ashinaga Initiative for Africa (IAA), where he is taking part in a study camp. […]

Lisa Shehan

Lisa is currently studying for an undergraduate degree in Agricultural Sciences at Earth University. She is a dedicated learner, innovative, and motivated woman. Devoted to establishing efficient and long-lasting agricultural systems to address food insecurity in Africa.  During her career, Lisa has expanded her expertise in the Agricultural field and has taken the opportunity to […]

Brenda Maembe

Brenda Benedict Maembe is an undergraduate student at EARTH University in Costa Rica, with a strong passion for agricultural sciences. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences, and she is expected to graduate in December 2023. Brenda is a dedicated and driven individual who has received the prestigious MasterCard Foundation Scholar Program Scholarship […]

Virginia Njeri

Virginia Njeri is a dedicated student at the United States International University-Africa (USIU-A), where she is pursuing a degree in Information Systems and Technology. With a keen interest in technology and programming, Virginia is passionate about creating innovative technological solutions through programming and software development. Her enthusiasm for technology extends beyond the classroom, driving her […]

Mercy Mulenga

Mercy, a dedicated student at United States International University – Africa (USIU-A), is pursuing her passion for public health through a major in Epidemiology and Biostatistics in Nairobi, Kenya. Her enthusiasm extends beyond the classroom, as she actively engages in research projects and community initiatives, demonstrating a hands-on approach to her goal. Mercy also channels […]

Isaac Wandeto

Isaac, a dedicated pharmacy student at USIU-Africa, is not just immersed in pharmaceutical studies but emerges as a passionate entrepreneur and innovator. Beyond academia, Isaac channels his enthusiasm into youth empowerment and addressing social issues in African communities. His entrepreneurial spirit is evident in his commitment to creating sustainable change, viewing challenges as opportunities to […]

Anish Sudhan

Anish Sudhan is a senior majoring in Computer Science and Engineering with a specialisation in Cybersecurity from NMIMS’ School of Engineering, Mumbai, India. Since childhood he’s been fascinated with the ideal of freedom – to voice one’s opinion, be who one wants to be, and live a good life which everyone deserves.  In high school, […]

Anuradha Bansal

Anuradha is currently studying computer engineering in Mumbai India, while her love for tech is evident in her major, she enjoys art in all its forms, especially literature, design and theatre. A people-centered, charming person she adores collaboration, social activities and most of all social work. She recently won the Diplomacy Award at Harvard WorldMUN […]