Pride Nyando

Pride Onyango Nyando is a senior pharmacy student at United States International Africa. He attended Nyatao Primary School and later Ayiecho Nyatao Secondary school located in Kisumu, Kenya where he excelled with flying colors. He later won a competitive Mastercard Foundation Scholars program for his tertiary education at USIU-Africa. Pride is passionate about giving back […]

Titus Ayieko

Ayieko is a meticulous finance and accounting professional from Kenya with expertise in investment decisions and a strong background in corporate finance. He has honed his skills at Kenya Pipeline Company Limited, excelling in System Application Product, Tank Management, and Product Reconciliation. Ayieko is committed to organizational growth through leadership, exceptional interpersonal skills, and a […]

Silas Ooko Otieno

Silas Ooko Otieno (Kenyan) is a Mastercard Foundation Scholar, and a fourth-year student at the United States International University- Africa, where he’s currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Film Production and Directing. Currently, he serves as a Peer Coach with the African Careers Network (ACN) and as a Millennium Campus Director at USIU-Africa with […]

Luis Godoy

Luis Godoy is a 20-year-old 4th semester student of Industrial Relations in the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello, located in Caracas Venezuela. In his personal life Luis is a very sporty guy, he loves to be active and participate in different sports, it’s been a passion for him since a little kid. For Luis Social work […]

Oriana Bracaglia

Oriana is a 19-year old Economics Student from Caracas, Venezuela. She is as fascinated by the interplay of factors that influence inflation and growth as she is about achieving gender equality. As a passionate activist, Oriana has researched how in an economic crisis, like in Venezuela’s, women are the most vulnerable. Therefore she has manifested […]

Santiago Arboleda

Santiago is a fourth-year Business major at Universidad de los Andes. Throughout his life, he has been deeply interested in addressing the significant social gap in his home country, Colombia. His commitment to helping others through education has been a consistent guiding principle in his work. Santiago began Reshaping your Course with the objective of […]

Gabriella Camargo

Gabriella Camargo is a Colombian law student with minors in Social Psychology and in Gender Studies. She is passionate about human rights, especially in regards to gender equality. She has worked in a wide variety of topics, starting off with Criminal Law and proceeding to a more Constitutional and Human Rights approach. Gabriella is passionate […]

Rashid Wamela

Rashid was born in Bungoma County, Kenya, and grew up in Nairobi. His educational journey began at Magale Primary, followed by Mbale Secondary School for his O Level studies and then back to Magale Secondary School for his A Levels where he completed in 2017. In 2021, Rashid embarked on his higher education adventure, enrolling […]

Lenora Kelen

Lenora Kelen is a young, ambitious Cameroonian who has dedicated herself to creating positive impact. As a student at USIU-Africa majoring in International Business Administration and concentrating in Marketing, she is not only passionate about her studies but also deeply committed to creating change. Lenora’s leadership skills shine through her role as the current Vice […]

Anthony Munguriek

Munguriek Anthony is currently on the verge of graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Makerere University. He specializes in procurement, showcasing his prowess as the Resolution Social Venture Challenge Winner. He is the founder of Banana Bliss Uganda and he is a proactive entrepreneur dedicated to combating post-harvest losses of bananas in […]