Olayemi Dorcas Assogba

Dorcas Olayèmi ASSOGBA, co-founder of CAJU VALOR and fellow of the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship, is a student pursuing her study in plant production at Abomey-calavi University in Benin. Vice president in Charge of public relations at the gavel club GANIATOU SAMBAO, an affiliation of Toastmasters International at the University of Abomey-calavi, Dorcas has a great […]

Julien Danhossou

Julien DANHOSSOU is student in Forest Planning and Natural Resources Management at the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences and a scholarship holder from the Mastercard Foundation at the University of Abomey-Calavi (Benin). Very concerned about the well-being of rural communities, he invests in the development of Benin’s orphan non-timber forest products to create jobs and improve […]

Kévine Toni

Kévine Toni is a student in Food Nutrition and Technologies at the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences and a Mastercard Foundation scholarship holder at the University of Abomey-Calavi (Benin). With the aim of positively impacting her community, she is one of the beneficiaries of the Social Venture Challenge of Resolution project in 2023 where she is […]

Oluwasemiloore Atere

Semiloore Atere is a Medical Doctor in training at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. She is passionate about SDG 3 especially mental health, and on a mission to tackle mental health injustice in Nigeria. She believes in the power of young people to be the catalyst of change. She is the founder of Asido Campus […]

Olaoluwaposi Ogunlana

Ogunlana Olaoluwaposi is an ambitious boy from Lagos who is aspiring to become a world renowned psychiatrist with a deeply vested interest in challenging the misconceptions about mental illness and service users that prevalent in his community. This is why he volunteers at Asido Campus Network, Nigeria’s pioneer student lead mental health community in Nigeria […]

Jennah Kiyuba

Kiyuba Jennah is an exceptional and resilient young lady, deeply passionate about humanity and leadership. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Laws at the Islamic University in Uganda, she showcases her commitment to personal growth and academic excellence. Jennah coordinates the Salaam Mentoring Program, organizing regular fellowships to facilitate leadership discussions among peers. She founded AGRO-BOOST, […]

Jean Crespin Cubahiro

Jean Crespin Cubahiro is a MasterCard Foundation scholar and Industrial Engineering student at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. He is thriving as a consultant at 180 Degrees Consulting, where he has the opportunity to hone his teamwork and problem solving on real projects for NGOs. He is a self-driven social entrepreneur and co-founder of […]

Clovis Hatungimana

Clovis Hatungimana (Burundi) is a member of the Mastercard-ALA class of 2019 and a recent graduate from Quest University Canada. He holds a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences with a focus in Statistics and Program Evaluation. His question of interest in academics is, “how should we innovate higher education in developing countries?” He is one […]

Bruce Mike Nasasira

Bruce Mike Nasasira attends Makerere University where he pursues a B.Sc. Petroleum Geoscience and Production. He hails from Bukanga, Isingiro District in Western Uganda. As a cofounder of SBE Aquafarm, he does this venture as a way to impact his community by contributing towards food security, employment and saving lives. He has volunteered in giving […]