Recycling Car Tyre for Furniture

RECATYREF is an initiative that aims to reduce landfill space by producing furniture from discarded car tires. We do so by producing library furniture, shelves, school desk and many others at reasonable prices to ensure equal opportunity for all.

Sulley Fuseini

Sulley is positive, hardworking, someone who never gives up, and an ambitious person, who always strives to achieve the highest standard possible, at any given task. Sulley is currently in his second year of studying BSc. Business Administration (Human Resources Management) at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Sulley is a true person who […]

Hanifa Fuseini Mumuni

Hanifa Fuseini Mumuni is a Ghanaian and a final year student of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. She is a Mastercard Foundation scholar, studying Geography and rural development. She is the co-founder and marketing manager for RECATYREF (Recycling Car Tyre for Furniture). She finds interest in volunteering and social entrepreneurship. Her versatility […]

Barikisu Nasiru Zawi

Barikisu Nasiru Zawi, is a Mastercard Foundation Scholar who reads BSc. Geological Engineering at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. As someone who is very passionate about learning, she utilizes every opportunity available to her for the maximum benefit of all. She also thrives well in difficult environments. In addition, she is very […]

Francis Acaye Opio

Francis Acaye Opio comes from a township in the Northern part of Uganda. Currently, he is a student pursuing BSc. Petroleum Geoscience and Production at Makerere University under the Mastercard  Foundation Scholarship. He is a young African who finds passion in engaging in activities that improve the lives of people around him. Francis is a […]

Sylvia Akurut

Sylvia Akurut is a second-year student at Makerere University pursuing a Bachelor of Industrial and Organizational Psychology with extensive passion and skills. As a young psychologist, she is passionate about being part of the solution in communities and not just benefiting from the actions of others, and being in social change is personally important since she […]

TAL Youth Uganda

TAL (Think About Life) Youth Uganda is an economic empowerment venture that is buying surplus sweet potatoes and turning them into delicious, nutritious donuts. They will create a production plant where they recruit, train, and employ unemployed women to make the donuts and then employ youth to sell them at local markets.

Ambrose Onapa

Ambrose Onapa is a 2nd-year student currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Makerere University with a deep passion for self-improvement, leadership, learning, and community-based change initiatives. He is efficient with strong initiative and highly effective at mobilizing and motivating groups; adept at finding creative and strategic solutions to problems, readily […]


With a vision of creating a waste-free world, Wastezon is using its mobile application to trace, sort, and collect household organic waste in Kigali, Rwanda. This household organic waste will then be recycled into organic fertilizers, which will be distributed to smallholder farmers to improve their crop yields.

Ghislain Irakoze

Ghislain Irakoze is the Founder and CEO of Wastezon, a mobile app-based company,  which connects households with recycling industries to transact solid wastes through reverse logistics. Passionate about Circular Economy transition, He thrived at organizing the “Recycle for Environment” Campaign which involved over 70 students in waste recycling in partnership with Tunza Eco-Generation Samsung Initiative. […]