Grâce Vignon

Grace VIGNON was born on May 1, 2001 in Lokossa, Benin. After completing her primary and secondary education in the same municipality, her passion for energy led her to study renewable energies and energy systems at the FAST of the University of Abomey- Calavi. As co-founder of Green World Biogas, she actively works to promote […]

Franck Montcho

Franck Montcho (Benin) is a Mastercard Foundation scholar at the University of Abomey-Calavi, where he is studying for a degree in renewable energies and energy systems at the Faculty of Science and Technology. An entrepreneur at heart, he initiates projects aimed at creating a social impact around him like Green World Biogas. Green World Biogas […]

Afiavi Félicité Hadegnon

Afiavi Félicité Hadegnon is of Beninese nationality and originally from Bopa. She is currently studying Renewable Energy and Energy Systems. For her strong passion to contribute to sustainable development, it is concerned with the promotion of clean energy sources. She occupies currently the position of technical director within Green World Biogas.

Green World Biogas

Green World Biogas provides the Lokossa, Benin population with domestic biodigesters for the reuse of organic waste, which will contribute to access to clean energy for cooking and responsible management of organic waste. These biodigesters will convert waste into biogas for cooking, replacing polluting fossil fuels, and into organic fertilizer to support sustainable agriculture.

Reggie Okoko

Reggie is a fourth-year Computer Science student at the Glasgow Caledonian University (African Leadership College). He is passionate about utilizing AI to develop innovative and sustainable solutions in the CleanTech and Energy sectors. Reggie is the founder and project lead of Glow and Grow. He is a Co-Designer at the Diana Award and a Resolution […]

Cynthia Gichuki

Cynthia Njoki Gichuki, a driven and determined entrepreneur from Kenya, is currently pursuing a degree in Business Management at the Africa Leadership College. She’s the visionary founder of “Glow and Grow,” a venture that reflects her dual passions for Renewable Energy and Finance. Cynthia’s quirky and creative personality adds a unique touch to her work, […]

Glow and Grow

Glow and Grow illuminates pupils’ lives by providing low-cost solar lanterns to eliminate using tin lamps in households. Glow Retrofit is a revolutionary lighting feature created by retrofitting and upcycling the traditional hurricane lamp. Our solar lanterns are rechargeable, portable, emit zero carbon or pollutants, and are health-friendly. Glow Retrofit is easy to use and […]

Africa Green Plus

A venture in Benin that works on providing organic biofertilizers to reduce contamination of water sources, erosion, destruction of soil structure and the spread of cancerous diseases caused by chemical fertilizers. The venture also plans to employ disabled and other marginalized youth to help integrate them into society.

Ferdinand Lowanou

Ferdinand LOWANOU (Benin), holds a scientific baccalaureate and graduated in Science and Technique of Animal Production (STPA) from the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences (FSA) at the University of Abomey-Calavi. A Millenium Class 2023 Bousier, Ferdinand is currently a candidate at the Ashinaga Initiative for Africa (IAA), where he is taking part in a study camp. […]


Eco-Tank is a sustainable tilapia farming initiative that uses protein-rich Black Soldier Fly larvae as an alternative feeding option. The larva feed is available to small-scale aquaponic farmers in Tanzania. These larvae also play a crucial role in the ecosystem by efficiently decomposing food waste and recycling it into nutrient-rich compost.