Issue Area: Energy & Environment

E-Roq (Education Los Roques)

E-ROQ Education Los Roques will focus on teaching English to the young population of Archipélágo Los Roques, creating a system in which new and former university students from Caracas trained in Model UN can reach this community of difficult access to increase its level of literacy, developing their potential to tourism.

Bettina Gonzalez

Bettina is a 22-year-old medical student from Caracas, Venezuela. Since she was very young, she has been familiarized with social awareness and volunteering by participating in her Ursulin School Catholic Missions. Growing up in Venezuela and experiencing the crisis the country is suffering has made Bettina understand that social responsibility and commitment to Venezuela’s future …

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Aranza Gonzalez

Aranza is a 23-year-old Medicine Student from Venezuela. She is in her last year of studies and soon will be headed to a rural community where she will develop the role of primary care doctor for a year. Before being involved in the field of health, Aranza was already interested in helping people from difficult …

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Igem uses earthenware water pots to trap debris, viruses, and waterborne pathogens to provide clean drinking water to households without the addition of any substances or chemicals.

Judith Lurit-Michael Lawrence

Judith is committed to identifying her community’s most pressing issues and dedicating herself to the identification of unique and efficient solutions to problems that she stands for. Judith is always in the search for cost-effective ways of ensuring lasting solutions to challenges such as health care problems and peace advocacy problems in her country and …

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Emily Otoo-Quayson

Emily Otoo-Quayson is a final year student at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana. She reads civil engineering and is most passionate about connecting the dots in her major of study to solve peculiar challenges around her in the simplest way. She served as a head prefect in her high school and …

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Wyckliffe Madunda Aluga is the founder of Enaccess, a social venture that aims to address energy poverty and water scarcity in sub-Saharan Africa. Wyckliffe and his team will assemble, distribute, lease, and service portable solar power stations with integrated water pumps for low-income smallholder farmers who live on incomes of $2.50 or less per day. …

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Wyckliffe Madunda Aluga

Wyckliffe is a freshman majoring in Chemical Engineering at the University of California Berkeley. Born and raised in Kenya, and a recent graduate of African Leadership Academy in South Africa, Wyckliffe started his journey as an entrepreneur and innovator at a tender age of nine by selling snacks in school to carter for small needs …

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Hanifah Hasuri Iskandar

Hanifah Hasuri Iskandar is very honored to receive this kind of prestigious fellowship award through Social Venture Challenge HNMUN 2016. Her project is titled “Coconut PROJECT” which is conducted with her partner from another major, in Indonesia. She is currently studying Biology in Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya, East Java class of 2017. Apart from being …

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Coconut Project

Ekky Hardiyanto and Hanifah Hasuri, are the founders of the Coconut Project in Indonesia, a social venture that will create light concrete utilizing discarded coconut husks. Their efforts will increase income for coconut sellers, while also decreasing the harmful effects that cement making has on the environment.