Issue Area: Energy & Environment

Jimcale Faarah

Jimcale is 21-year-olds, fighting against plastic waste in his country of Somaliland. He was born and raised in Hargeisa, Somaliland. Two years ago, he noticed plastic waste had become a major problem in his country, and no one was doing anything to improve it.  In 2019, Jimcale founded Plastic Venture – a recycling startup that …

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Plastic Venture

Through recycling, Plastic Venture aims to create a clean environment and address the waste crisis in Hargeisa, Somalia by turning plastic waste into affordable, sustainable paving blocks.

Duplicate Sambani

Duplicate Sambani is a student at EARTH University in Costa Rica studying Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Management. She is from the rural district of Buhera Zimbabwe. Duplicate is a MasterCard Foundation scholar, a leader who has been a MasterCard student representative, Millennium 2019 fellow, SDSN Youth coordinator as well as a holder of the …

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Organomineral Fertilizer

The goal of Organomineral Fertilizer is to increase the production of crops through the use of smart fertilizers by combining organic and inorganic matter, giving more importance to the smart fertilizer to ensure an increase in food production to end hunger and poverty, as well as creating jobs through production.

Devankar Mukhi

​​Devankar Mukhi is the founder of Green New Detroit, a  green educational startup that promotes being green on a budget by educating the high school age youth on utilizing DIY methods in reducing one’s carbon footprint, becoming more cost-effective, energy-efficient, and understanding how to acquire and analyze data to develop sustainable solutions such as green …

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Green New Detroit

Green New Detroit aims to provide education and tailored sustainability kits to make it easier for households in under-resourced communities in Detroit, Michigan to adopt sustainability practices. Devankar will be working with local students to map out the needs in each community, and then work with local partners and corporations to create sustainability kits that …

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Antara will curate visual-kinesthetic learning kits to enhance the learning experience for students in Mumbai, India. The kits will be distributed for free to low-income communities and sold at a market-competitive price for communities with the means to purchase the kits.

Ishan Bahalkar

Ishan is currently pursuing an undergraduate course in Mechatronics Engineering from NMIMS University along with studying for an Honors in Automation. Settled in India, he has aspirations to travel the globe with an interest to connect with and empower people, desiring to make a change on a global scale. He is a persistently inquisitive and …

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Roger Kouagré Tcharo

Roger Kouagré Tcharo is a student of Animal Health and Production at the University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin. Aged 23, he comes from a peasant family. He studies at university through the Mastercard-Foundation Scholars Program. Roger is passionate about agriculture and animal husbandry. Courage, determination, autonomy, patience, a sense of responsibility, organization, ability to adapt, helping …

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Sènami Irène Bossavi

A young third-year undergraduate student at the University of Abomey Calavi, Irène comes from a middle-class family. From father Pascal Bossavi, soldier and mother Séraphine Agossou, Irène was born in Benin, precisely in southern Benin, where she spent all her childhood, grew up, and completed all her studies until now. She obtained her baccalaureate at …

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