Sylvia Mwangi

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Sylvia Mwangi





Sylvia Mwangi is a Mastercard Foundation Scholar from Kenya. She recently graduated from the University of Toronto with an undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering. As a young African, with a lot of hope and interest in the affairs of the continent, Sylvia has been keen to share her perspectives through engaging in progressive conversations. In November 2016, she presented at The Walrus Talks Africa’s Next Generation (Toronto), on the topic “Empowering African Institutions.” She was also a guest speaker on the TV show “The Agenda with Steve Paikin,” where she shared her perspectives on “Economic Elevation through Education”. Sylvia served as a co-opted student board member of the University Affairs Board in her campus during her last two years of undergraduate study. She is currently working in the Process Engineering department in one of the financial institutions in Canada. She is interested in using her engineering knowledge and acquired skills to spearhead transformation and growth in her community particularly in breaking the barriers of access to quality healthcare. Her inspiration in co-founding Baringo Asali came from the desire to positively impact and upgrade the community’s living standards, one family at a time. Having received scholarships herself that enabled her to access both high school and university education, she can relate to how far one can go with the support of another.