Nsamba Tyson


Nsamba Tyson





Nsamba Tyson is a fresh graduate from Makerere University with a bachelor’s degree in commerce, accounting major. He is currently an accountant, with a diploma in business analysis and a history in digital marketing. He is from Kazo district and also one of the co-founders Choice pads limited, a social venture aiming at improving the menstrual hygiene of girls through providing quality and affordable single use sanitary towels.

Tyson is passionate about community welfare and very much looks out for people in desperate situations. He is currently advocating for an improvement in design of sanitary towels at Choice pads to better the health of girls during their bodily changes. He is a good listener who pays much attention to detail which makes him an outstanding problem solver. He also has the ability to analyze risky situations and make informed decisions. His calm personality makes him more effective at managing situations especially with the nature of role that he plays at Choice pads. He is the current productions and operations lead at the organization.