Lilian Yamu

Ashimwe is a dedicated and ambitious student with a passion for social impact. She is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in International Relations at United States International University Africa. With a strong commitment to making a positive difference in the world, Ashimwe has engaged in various extracurricular activities that reflect her interests and values. Throughout […]

Oladayo Olatunji

Olatunji Oladayo is a student at United States International University-Africa, majoring in International Relations. He is a resilient, result-oriented, resourceful, and creative person. Olatunji is a person with a physical disability (right hand) and from a very disadvantageous background. His parents are subsistence farmers in one of the rural community areas, Ose Local Government Area, […]

Samson Kahindi

Samson Matano Kahindi hails from Kilifi County in Kenya. He is enrolled at the United States International University – Africa, majoring in International Business Administration. Known for his unwavering determination and an unwavering commitment to success, Samson embodies qualities such as hard work, integrity, kindness, resilience, creativity, time management, and a deep understanding of those […]

Poverty and Disability Initiative in Nigeria

Poverty And Disability Initiative in Nigeria aims to empower nine thousand persons with disability abandoned by the government in Karonmajigi, Abuja. Through telehealth and telemedicine, the venture will give access to modern healthcare facilities without the community having to leave their settlements.

Amos Akogbe

Amos Akogbe is a young Beninese, studying IT Security in Computer Science at the Institute of Research and Training in Computer Science, University of Abomey-Calavi. He is also a Mastercard Foundation scholar at the University of Abomey-Calavi. He is presently a Mastercard Platform Brand Advocate for the Baobab Platform and also the Campus Director of […]

Esseho Urbain Odjo

Odjo Essèho Urbain is a third-year Software Engineering student at IFRI-University of Abomey-Calavi. He’s been passionate about technology since childhood, immersing himself in programming and software development. Urbain’s unwavering determination and insatiable curiosity have led him to explore various programming languages, frameworks, and emerging tech An advocate for education and innovation in Africa, Urbain actively […]

Josephine Adjala

Josephine Adjala is a MasterCard Foundation scholarship holder at the University of Abomey-Calavi, a 3rd year student in crop production at the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences passionate about plant health which is now her field of study. She is also an enthusiastic advocate for education and more innovation in Africa. Her determination and curiosity led […]


TomatoDry develops innovative and sustainable solutions for tomato dehydration in Benin. The venture produces a tomato powder that preserves the nutrients, flavor, and texture of tomatoes, offering a convenient and superior alternative to fresh or canned tomatoes at a consistently low price year-round.


BloodBag is a nonprofit organization with a vision of a Bangladesh having 0% mortality ratio due to the lack of blood transfusion. We are collaborating with existing blood donation organizations & digitalizing the traditional facebook group based system with a privacy focused platform through automation & gamification.

Fojle Rabbi Rabib

Fojle Rabbi Rabib presently holds the position of Chief Technology Officer at BloodBag. Hailing from Mymensingh, Bangladesh, he is a talented individual who is simultaneously pursuing his undergraduate studies while demonstrating his expertise across multiple domains within web development and design. Rabib excels in areas such as data scraping, server management, API development, and chatbot […]