BloodBag is a nonprofit organization with a vision of a Bangladesh having 0% mortality ratio due to the lack of blood transfusion. We are collaborating with existing blood donation organizations & digitalizing the traditional facebook group based system with a privacy focused platform through automation & gamification.

Fojle Rabbi Rabib

Fojle Rabbi Rabib presently holds the position of Chief Technology Officer at BloodBag. Hailing from Mymensingh, Bangladesh, he is a talented individual who is simultaneously pursuing his undergraduate studies while demonstrating his expertise across multiple domains within web development and design. Rabib excels in areas such as data scraping, server management, API development, and chatbot […]

Md Rijwanul Hoque Chowdhury

Rijwanul Hoque is currently a Computer Science and Engineering undergraduate at International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC), where he is expected to graduate in 2027. Rijwanul’s journey into technology and community service began in 2017 when he embarked on chatbot development. Over the years, he has actively collaborated with several non-profit volunteer organizations, including PathFinder, Cyber […]

Yash Mudaliyar

Yash has played a pivotal role as a distinguished member of think tanks across diverse organisations, consistently shaping strategies at the intersection of innovation and societal progress in addition to spearheading the visionary initiatives at Stride. Stride is fortunate to have a community of supporters who share our passion for social justice and believe in […]


Stride envisions manufacturing low cost, lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly, prosthetics using modular 3D printing technology. Their products are lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly with more designs on the way. Stride wants to reduce barriers to important life changing technologies for those who need them most.

Oluwasemiloore Atere

Semiloore Atere is a Medical Doctor in training at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. She is passionate about SDG 3 especially mental health, and on a mission to tackle mental health injustice in Nigeria. She believes in the power of young people to be the catalyst of change. She is the founder of Asido Campus […]

Olaoluwaposi Ogunlana

Ogunlana Olaoluwaposi is an ambitious boy from Lagos who is aspiring to become a world renowned psychiatrist with a deeply vested interest in challenging the misconceptions about mental illness and service users that prevalent in his community. This is why he volunteers at Asido Campus Network, Nigeria’s pioneer student lead mental health community in Nigeria […]

Asido Campus Network

Asido Campus Network is a student lead initiative looking to expand mental health education and awareness through peer-to-peer counselling and hosting workshops across university campuses.

Jennah Kiyuba

Kiyuba Jennah is an exceptional and resilient young lady, deeply passionate about humanity and leadership. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Laws at the Islamic University in Uganda, she showcases her commitment to personal growth and academic excellence. Jennah coordinates the Salaam Mentoring Program, organizing regular fellowships to facilitate leadership discussions among peers. She founded AGRO-BOOST, […]