Tennyson Nkhoma

Tennyson Bilinkhinyu Nkhoma is a Malawian young professional, studying agriculture science at EARTH University in Costa Rica. He also holds a Diploma in land administration obtained from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Malawi. He further has certificate in business and entrepreneurship development conferred by Young Africa Leaders Initiative (YALI) at the University […]

Winfred Nziku

Winfred Alfred Nziku is an Undergraduate Degree student of Agricultural Science at EARTH University in Costa Rica, cofounder of the social venture known as CROWN MULTIVERSE. He is a self-motivated, committed, and hardworking individual. A key player to personal and community development by creating agricultural solutions, which assure wellbeing of the producers and consumers. He […]

Crown Multiverse

Crown Multiverse will eliminate the use of synthetic pesticides in tomato production by producing organic pesticides made from Tithonia diversifolia (Mexican sunflower) through a closed circle production system of tomatoes which will also employ maximum use of organic fertilizers made from the sunflowers mixed with tomato waste.

Francisco Torres

Francisco majors in Law and Anthropology with a minor in Sociology at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá. He is passioned about ways of addressing colonial effects within Colombian society, through the investigation of discrimination based on class, gender, and race. Besides, he is the Director of Social Responsibility in his schools Students Council, he […]

Maria Jose Medina Moreno

María José is a last semester government and public affairs student at Universidad de los Andes Bogotá, Colombia. She has a minor in International Studies and has always been interested in international development, innovation, the power of education and the impact the public sector can have on political and social matters. She enjoys participating in […]


Soacha, amongst the biggest slums of Colombia, has one of the highest rates of displaced people, sexual violence, and unemployment. LUCHA aims to prepare marginalized students in Soacha to excel in Colombia’s official state tests and to guarantee affordable access to higher education and the end of cycles of poverty.

Sandra Mukoya

Mukoya Sandra is a final year student at Makerere University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in social work and social administration. She is a co-founder of Kwesa Organic Products, a social venture that aims at ensuring a safe and clean environment for everyone and promoting natural and healthy organic products. Sandra is a very hardworking and […]

Kaweesi Edwin

Kaweesi Edwin is currently a student at Makerere University pursuing an undergraduate degree in social work and social administration. He is a co-founder of Kwesa Organic products which is waste management venture in the slums of Kampala based in Namuwongo slum. Edwin’s goal is to see his community changed and that is why he is […]

KWESA- Organic Products

KWESA – Organic Products is a waste management project that provides energy alternatives by collecting waste directly from households and turning the organic matter into manure for rural farmers and communities to use.

Smile Waste

Smile Waste collects agricultural waste, such as corn husks and shea nutshells, from local farms in the city of Parakou, Benin, and recycles them into sustainable biofuels to reduce the number of trees that are felled for fuel, remove the agricultural waste products from the community, and create a new revenue stream for farmers who […]