Samson Kahindi


Samson Kahindi





Samson Matano Kahindi hails from Kilifi County in Kenya. He is enrolled at the United States International University – Africa, majoring in International Business Administration. Known for his unwavering determination and an unwavering commitment to success, Samson embodies qualities such as hard work, integrity, kindness, resilience, creativity, time management, and a deep understanding of those around him.

During his free time, Samson enjoys swimming, music, nature walks, and reading. He’s certified in first aid and peer counseling, showing his community commitment. He’s committed to personal and professional development through diverse training, excelling in various competitions, particularly at the Kenya Science and Engineering Fair.

Beyond academics and training, Samson Matano Kahindi is a gifted volleyball player who has elevated his team to remarkable heights in competitive settings. His dynamic personality and multifaceted talents make him a well-rounded individual with a promising future.