Josephine Adjala


Josephine Adjala





Josephine Adjala is a MasterCard Foundation scholarship holder at the University of Abomey-Calavi, a 3rd year student in crop production at the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences passionate about plant health which is now her field of study.

She is also an enthusiastic advocate for education and more innovation in Africa. Her determination and curiosity led hier to conduct studies for two years on the improvement and conservation of tomatoes in the company Save_tomato. Her commitment to sustainable development and her desire to solve social problems led her to join the Resolution Project community where she contributes to the creation of innovative solutions for global challenges.

Outside of studies and her extracurricular activities, she enjoys exploring new technologies, traveling and sharing her knowledge with her community. For more skills in leadership and public speaking, she is a member of the GANIATOU SEMBAOU GAVEL club where she is the deputy general secretary.