Issue Area: Education

The Piglet Seed

The Piglet Seed plans to work with teen mothers and address poverty by donating piglets to be raised and used as an alternative and sustainable form of income.

Owomugisha Fortunate

Owomugisha Fortunate is a student at Makerere University Uganda pursuing a Bachelors’s Degree in Quantitative Economics who also studied at Maryhill High School. She grew up in Mbarara city, western Uganda. More so she is passionate about the community and believes that the youth are the change of a better future and a better nation …

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Anil Ayebare

Ayebare Anil Pelice is a 4th-year Telecommunications Engineering Student at Makerere University. Her interest is in networking, leadership, and giving back. She held several leadership roles at different levels. While at Maryhill High School for  6 years; Anil was the Deputy Education Minister in Ordinary Level and she became the 1st Deputy Head girl in …

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Enock Kivuyo

Enock Kivuyo is a Master Card Foundation scholar majoring in Financial Economics and Business at the University of Rochester class of 2021. Elected as the President of the Mastercard Scholar council, he coordinated scholar council activities across 11 partner universities in North America, Africa, and Germany. Enock is an astute enthusiast of Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy, …

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Mama Zetu

Through a dairy farm, Mama Zetu aims to reignite an inclusive community where women can unite, co-create, and provide healthy food options to the local community, as well as earn money to support themselves and their families.

Dhvani Agrawal

Dhvani Agrawal is currently pursuing a Bachelors’s in Technology in Mechatronics at NMIMS University, Mumbai. She has a keen interest in Robotics and has won several competitions, one of which being ‘Robotex International 2019- Tallinn’ (2nd Runner up). She is also part of her college’s Robotics team and is a member of the International Society …

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Naman Doshi

Naman Doshi is a third-year engineering student at MPSTME, NMIMS University, India. He is majoring in Computer Science and Business Systems. He is extremely passionate about technology and social entrepreneurship. He wants to positively impact society and is grateful to The Resolution Project for providing him with a platform to do so. He believes that …

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We aim to teach and raise awareness about financial aspects to the youth (14- 25 years) and to the underprivileged in Mumbai by having sessions for them (offline+ digital) that are informative and fun at the same time. This is because the current education system is lacking these skills.


Antara will curate visual-kinesthetic learning kits to enhance the learning experience for students in Mumbai, India. The kits will be distributed for free to low-income communities and sold at a market-competitive price for communities with the means to purchase the kits.

Ishan Bahalkar

Ishan is currently pursuing an undergraduate course in Mechatronics Engineering from NMIMS University along with studying for an Honors in Automation. Settled in India, he has aspirations to travel the globe with an interest to connect with and empower people, desiring to make a change on a global scale. He is a persistently inquisitive and …

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