Issue Area: Education


Soma aims to increase access to free educational tools and resources for high school students in Nairobi, Kenya. Soma will provide free educational tools and resources to schools using content servers and USB drives, circumventing the need to connect to the internet for the many students that have access to a computer or mobile device …

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Shinina Muthiora

Shinina is interested in using the knowledge she has gained, to impact communities, through education, leadership, and technology. She was a student mentor for the Great Debaters Contest, where she taught high school students the fundamentals of debate, alongside a team. She also co-founded DebateYouth Africa, which was involved in empowering disadvantaged students to rise …

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Moses Kirathe

Moses is a Business and Computer Science student at the University of British Columbia. He is passionate about technology and education, and he seeks ways in which the two fields can be merged in order to provide access to valuable, relevant, high-quality education. His passion for education and technology led him to co-found Soma, a …

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Mathew Bushuru

Mathew is a 2nd-year electrical engineering student at the University of British Columbia in Canada. He was born and raised in Kenya. Mathew is fluent in Swahili, English, and French. While attending Alliance High School which is the best public national school in Kenya with students from every single district, Mathew co-founded a Peace Club. …

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Ailaina Danielle Aquino

Ailaina is a Management Engineering student from the Ateneo de Manila University. She has joined various exchange programs and often travels both domestically and internationally with her family and friends. She is a purpose-driven and passionate being who wishes to create a meaningful impact through sharing ideas and experiential education.   Her love for traveling, …

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IBA aims to provide low-income Filipino children with the opportunity to travel and immerse in different cultures through an annual summer camp that promotes the values of solidarity, respect, and nationalism.

Madel Beaudouin

Madel Beaudouin recently graduated from Queens College with degrees in Political Science and Economics and is an incoming analyst at Moody’s Corporation. Passionate about learning new ways to spur community wealth building, she founded the Queens Entrepreneurship Fund. The Queens Entrepreneurship Fund designs one-year fellowships that equip college students with the skills and experience in …

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The Queens Entrepreneurship Project

Madel Beaudouin is the founder of The Queens Entrepreneurship Fund, in Queens, New York. Through her social venture, Madel (who pitched to us for the second time this year) will give rigorous training opportunities for Queens College students to provide consultation services to small businesses in the neighborhood surrounding the Queens College campus. In so …

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Agbesi Worlanyo Koku

Agbesi Worlanyo Koku grew up in the eastern region of Ghana and now resides Accra.  In 2009 he completed Burma camp, the school for soldiers garrisoned in Accra, and then went on to Mawuli senior high school where he studied general science. During high school, he led the school as head boy in his third …

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Sumati Joshi

Sumati is passionate about women having access to, and educational resources for, best hygiene practices so that they can realize their ambitions. She founded Mission SanScar and volunteers with NGOs with this aim. With a background in engineering, work experience in niche consulting firms and an enthusiasm for design thinking she hopes to address pressing …

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