Rasika Adhikari

Rasika is a passionate individual for social justice issues particularly concerning women. Coming from the captivating city of Kathmandu, Nepal, she brings a rich cultural background and is interested in art, music and eastern philosophy. Currently studying in the US, she holds the position of International Student Representative in the Student Government and frequently participates […]

Bold Education Nepal

BOLD Education Nepal aims to tackle the challenge of increasing cases of rape and sexual abuse among young girls by equipping them with self defense techniques and by providing sexual health education that will prepare girls for safety and enhance their physical and mental strength.

Rosemary Adongo

Rosemary is a graduate of Arts with Education in literature and English at Makerere University from the college of education and external studies. She is born in Northern Uganda hence Ugandan by nationality aged 25 years. She is a very passionate, hard-working, visionary and optimistic lady. Her love for humanity is always evident in her […]

Godfrey Akol

Godfrey Akol is the CEO and Founder of Hog4Education Uganda, a Mastercard Foundation scholar fellow at Makerere University, and he has pursued a bachelor’s degree in biomedical laboratory technology. Godfrey is passionate about health as well as entrepreneurship and, basically, commercial piggery farming. He is extremely enthusiastic about leadership and has a detailed record of […]

Hog4Education Uganda

Hog4Education Uganda is a venture which equips youth in Angopet cell, Bazaar ward Kumi Municipality with knowledge and skills in pig farming to obtain funds to support their education. The youth will be supported with startup piglets and the proceeds will be used for paying tuition.

Saki Youth Resource and Empowerment Center (SYREC)

Saki Youth Resource and Empowerment Center (SYREC) bridges the educational gap in underserved communities by empowering high school leavers and students with practical social entrepreneurial skills in Saki, Nigeria. The project aims to solve community challenges while providing them with pathways to higher education and fulfilling careers.

Abdur-Rahman Adeniji

Abdur-Rahman is a versatile multidisciplinary student, blending studies in Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Business Administration, driven by a vision to create holistic impact. With a robust educational foundation from esteemed institutions like United States International University-Africa, University of the People, Clinton Global Initiative University, International Open University, and Tekedia Institute, he has honed skills and experience […]

Yohannes Bimrew Simegn

Yohannes Bimrew is an agricultural science and natural resources management student at EARTH University in Costa Rica. He is deeply passionate about social entrepreneurship and sustainable agriculture. Fueled by his mission to develop innovative solutions in rural areas, Yohannes focuses on projects that promote sustainable agriculture and empower rural communities by providing them with innovative […]

Mekdes Tikuye

Mekdes is an Ethiopian studying agricultural science at EARTH University in Costa Rica. As a MasterCard Foundation scholar, she is committed to making a positive impact in the agricultural sector. Mekdes is a co-founder of Eshet, a social venture dedicated to empowering smallholder farmers in Ethiopia. Eshet aims to provide farmers with access to training, […]


Eshet aims to empower smallholder farmers in Ethiopia by providing them access to training, agricultural inputs, and a marketplace. Eshet helps farmers to take control of their produce, contribute to improve the economic, social, and environmental well-being by offering capacity building to create a pathway to entering the agriculture sector.