Abdur-Rahman Adeniji


Abdur-Rahman Adeniji





Abdur-Rahman is a versatile multidisciplinary student, blending studies in Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Business Administration, driven by a vision to create holistic impact. With a robust educational foundation from esteemed institutions like United States International University-Africa, University of the People, Clinton Global Initiative University, International Open University, and Tekedia Institute, he has honed skills and experience in public health, statistics, research, program management, and capacity building.

His adaptability shines through his competencies in public speaking, thought leadership, design thinking, and Arabic-English translations. Abdur-Rahman is deeply engaged in social entrepreneurship, community development, and quality education projects. He thrives on exploring new ideas, embracing technology, engaging in intellectual discourse, and collaborating with brilliant minds. Grateful for every opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute, he is enthusiastic about his journey towards making a positive impact in the world.