Saki Youth Resource and Empowerment Center (SYREC)

Saki Youth Resource and Empowerment Center (SYREC) bridges the educational gap in underserved communities by empowering high school leavers and students with practical social entrepreneurial skills in Saki, Nigeria. The project aims to solve community challenges while providing them with pathways to higher education and fulfilling careers.

Abdur-Rahman Adeniji

Abdur-Rahman is a versatile multidisciplinary student, blending studies in Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Business Administration, driven by a vision to create holistic impact. With a robust educational foundation from esteemed institutions like United States International University-Africa, University of the People, Clinton Global Initiative University, International Open University, and Tekedia Institute, he has honed skills and experience […]

Jennah Kiyuba

Kiyuba Jennah is an exceptional and resilient young lady, deeply passionate about humanity and leadership. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Laws at the Islamic University in Uganda, she showcases her commitment to personal growth and academic excellence. Jennah coordinates the Salaam Mentoring Program, organizing regular fellowships to facilitate leadership discussions among peers. She founded AGRO-BOOST, […]


Agro-Boost is a venture dedicated to the restoration of better soils through vermiculture in Lugolole A Village. Vermiculture is the practice of artificially rearing worms to improve human life. By focusing on maggots as the raw material for organic fertilizers, Agro-Boost aims to enhance soil fertility and ensure food security.

Elite Poultry Project

This project aims to create a level of independence among the target beneficiaries who are the school dropouts. It also aims to boost the income levels of these dropouts by creating a source of livelihood for them. Elite Poultry Project is designed to equip these dropouts with Poultry skills so that they can be empowered […]

Transformed Achievers Network

Transformed Achiever’s Network (TAN) is a community-focused social project that aims to solve the problem of youth unemployment in Uganda. TAN’s vision is to transform young people into high-achieving leaders who will contribute to their communities and the nation as a whole. Through the provision of skills in farm management, Poultry rearing skills, financial literacy, […]


“Wheat” is an application being developed that seeks to make psychological and emigration-oriented resources easily available to people struggling with forced emigration, starting specifically with the Ukrainian community. The app will use games to teach about the resources available to refugees.

Sasha Shafran

Sasha is an international student from Ukraine studying at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania. She majors in Business and double minors in Psychology and Mathematics. Currently, Sasha works as a social media manager for several organizations, utilizing her creativity and marketing skills. Further on, she is hoping to pursue a career in project management, where she […]


Remit is a money transfer rate comparison tool. Like, it will compare the hundreds of different remittance services available and direct clients towards the one offering the lowest rate. This simple redirection tool could put an extra $28 billion in the hands of at-risk citizens annually