Francisco Torres

Francisco majors in Law and Anthropology with a minor in Sociology at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá. He is passioned about ways of addressing colonial effects within Colombian society, through the investigation of discrimination based on class, gender, and race. Besides, he is the Director of Social Responsibility in his schools Students Council, he […]

Maria Jose Medina Moreno

María José is a last semester government and public affairs student at Universidad de los Andes Bogotá, Colombia. She has a minor in International Studies and has always been interested in international development, innovation, the power of education and the impact the public sector can have on political and social matters. She enjoys participating in […]


Soacha, amongst the biggest slums of Colombia, has one of the highest rates of displaced people, sexual violence, and unemployment. LUCHA aims to prepare marginalized students in Soacha to excel in Colombia’s official state tests and to guarantee affordable access to higher education and the end of cycles of poverty.

Ruth Ainebyoona

Ruth is a student leader in her 2nd year at Makerere University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communication. As an enterprising lady, she held different leadership positions in her high school and won entrepreneurship awards. As a proponent of human rights and women empowerment, Ruth has been involved in community service activities to […]

Touch One Reach All (TOORA)

Touch One Reach All (TOORA) will seek to address unemployment by providing hands-on skills training in weaving, crocheting, and sewing of high demand products to women with few economic opportunities. The venture will also provide them with capital and look for markets to empower them economically.

Levi Tukundane

Commonly known as Napoleon, Levi was the 5th President of MasterCard Scholars’ Association and Guild president aspirant at Makerere University. He is passionate about community service as a way of giving back since he acquired quality education on bursaries and MasterCard Scholarship, despite his humble background and orphanhood. He is the founder and CEO of […]

Dorcas Lukwesa

Dorcas Lukwesa is the founder of Mobile Aquaponics, a social venture dedicated to mitigating the impact of climate change while supporting women smallholder farmers in rural areas of Nchelenge District by offering training in implementing small-scale aquaponics systems of farming constructed with locally available materials like bamboo to improve agricultural production and livelihoods under climate […]

Mobile Aquaponics

Mobile Aquaponics aims to raise smallholder farmers’ and women’s welfare and address the issue of poverty and food insecurities by providing training in aquaponic farming, an alternative farming method using the cultivation of fish and vegetables in a constructed recirculating ecosystem, which can be constructed of recycled and easily available materials.

Nakangu Christine

Christine Nakangu is the founder of Achiever’s Poultry Uganda, a social project aiming to provide poultry skills to young youth who have dropped out of school in addition to providing psycho-social support. Christine is so passionate about building human capital since she is a Human Resource Manager, she hopes to impact the social lives of […]

Achievers Poultry Uganda

Achievers Poultry Uganda focuses on empowering youth who have dropped out of school by providing them access to and training for the raising and selling of poultry, as well as training in financial literacy, access to soft loans, and ready markets.