Rosemary Adongo

Rosemary Adongo

Rosemary Adongo





Rosemary is a graduate of Arts with Education in literature and English at Makerere University from the college of education and external studies. She is born in Northern Uganda hence Ugandan by nationality aged 25 years.

She is a very passionate, hard-working, visionary and optimistic lady. Her love for humanity is always evident in her excellent service and inspiration to this generation. Rosemary believingly pursued her degree in education with the hope of teaching not only in classroom but as a life coach mentor to her generation. She believes that every individual has potential to make a difference regardless of circumstance hence they just need one person to light their world.

Her story is the source of her inspiration “Breath to the Dead”, growing up as an orphan with humble background and in an extended family yet she has sailed through with no regret, thus making her to deeply desire to be an encouragement to the younger generation from economically disadvantaged background less privileged in the community.

Besides studies and attaining degrees of any sort, she enjoys leadership, sensitization, and creation of a free world for every individual with law abiding citizens, this passion has led her to work with some few organizations that promotes human rights, sensitization of the community and promotion of leadership with transformed mind and accountability. As Rosemary is an active and optimistic dreamer, she believes that she will own an organization that work with young people in the rural areas, transforming their minds and making them transformative leaders in and out. She strongly believes in a community where equity is uphold and equal education for all.