Yohannes Bimrew Simegn


Yohannes Bimrew Simegn




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Yohannes Bimrew is an agricultural science and natural resources management student at EARTH University in Costa Rica. He is deeply passionate about social entrepreneurship and sustainable agriculture. Fueled by his mission to develop innovative solutions in rural areas, Yohannes focuses on projects that promote sustainable agriculture and empower rural communities by providing them with innovative solutions to overcome the obstacles they face. In the past few years, he worked with small holder farmers which helped him to understand the challenges and come up with solutions. 

This passion led Yohannes to start Eshet, a social venture to empower smallholder farmers in Ethiopia providing access to training, agricultural inputs, and market opportunities. Additionally, Eshet offers multipurpose capacity building for young people, helping them develop skills in agriculture and enhance the use of agricultural technologies.