Housam Kak


Housam Kak





Housam Kak is an undergraduate dual degree student at the American University of Beirut majoring in Pure Mathematics and Mechanical engineering.

Since high school he was so passionate about the idea of making a difference in the world, so he set up his mind on excelling in the academic field, in addition to sharing in a lot of activities that will hone his abilities and personal skills. He exploited the wide opportunities at the American University of Beirut, after being accepted as a Mastercard foundation scholar in the undergraduate program, by sharing in workshops and devoting his time for self-development. He participated in service days in which he went to refugees’ camps and elderly care-houses, in addition to volunteering with MMKN in teaching at public schools. He’s managing a community-based project in the education sector, in addition to “Zari3Tech” that is an agricultural initiative. Housam Believes that it is our duty as the young generation to carry the load of change making.