Fellow Class: Class 13

Prince Agyei

Prince Baffour Agyei is the founder and CEO of MorePlex Company Limited and the project lead for the cocoa For life project with three years of experience working and developing a startup alongside his engineering studies at KNUS-Ghana. Prince specializes in local technology and process and development using local raw materials and is responsible for …

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Ishita Gupta

Ishita Gupta is an undergraduate student, pursuing a major in Data Science. With a strong inclination toward Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision, she is currently working on projects to fuel these interests. She is actively involved in leading student bodies, such as the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and MUN Society, MPSTME. Her social venture, …

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Aneesh Kulkarni

Aneesh is a third-year student at NMIMS University based in Mumbai. Currently studying Information Technology, he is pursuing a dual degree in B.Tech and MBA. He has formerly been the Head of Department for Public Relations at MUN Society, MPSTME and now serves as the Joint General Secretary: External Affairs at the same organization. Apart …

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Elora Reis

Elora is a Young Latin American leader and a future lawyer. She is passionate about education, social justice, and youth-led development and is dedicated to pursue and help others achieve intellectual autonomy through the democratization of education. She is currently working on her Social Venture, Projeto Ingresso, which provides mentorship and assistance to underprivileged students …

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Maria Eduarda Silva Santiago

Maria Eduarda Santiago is one of the founders of Projeto Ingresso (PI), an NGO that provides online mentorship on subjects surrounding university entrance for underprivileged students and social minorities. She is 19 years old and was born in Minas Gerais, in Brazil. Maria cares about the social issues surrounding her community and recognizes the importance …

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Yasmim Talissa Reis

We are an online mentorship program that makes the process of getting into the university more accessible for underprivileged social groups. We guide those who wish to continue their studies by assisting them through the entire process. With that, we hope to reduce the inequalities inside the Brazilian education system.

Kopo Keaikitse

Kopo Keaikitse is a member of the graduating class of 2019 and currently a second-year student at Jacobs University. She is the head of Marketing and Design for Jacobs start-up competition 2021. A tale young African scholar alumni and a co-founder of Force aux Femmes, a student-run group, with aims to empower refugee women. She …

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Tamar Latsabidze

Tamar Latsabidze is currently a second-year psychology student with a minor in international relations, who is passionate about understanding different psychological impacts of work history and how they impact our societies. At Jacobs, practices her discipline by offering her services as a peer counselor as well as her position as a lifeguard. She aims to …

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Kiinga Kioi

Kiinga Kioi is an Actuarial Science major and Entrepreneurship& Social Innovation minor at Michigan State University. He is interested in Technology, Entrepreneurship, Business Development, and Youth Empowerment. He is passionate about extricating the people of Africa from the chains of deficient governments so as to maximize their socioeconomic self-dependence. Kiinga’s intuition towards technology has led …

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Jesse Karanja

Jesse is a social entrepreneur, MC, techie, and sports enthusiast. Driven by his passion for social transformation, he co-founded U-Savers, a Fintech company that aimed to provide a savings platform for young people in Kenya and inculcate a savings culture among them. He has worked with organizations such as Vitabu Vyetu, The Kenya Youth Congress, …

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