Roger Kouagré Tcharo


Roger Kouagré Tcharo





Roger Kouagré Tcharo is a student of Animal Health and Production at the University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin. Aged 23, he comes from a peasant family. He studies at university through the Mastercard-Foundation Scholars Program. Roger is passionate about agriculture and animal husbandry. Courage, determination, autonomy, patience, a sense of responsibility, organization, ability to adapt, helping and sharing knowledge, and motivation are values that embody Roger. For him, poverty, misery, hunger are evils from which human beings do not deserve to live. According to him, social well-being, fulfillment, joy, satisfaction, wealth, abundance are the rights of human beings. His only dream is to create wealth in his community, his country, and in Africa through entrepreneurship.‘’Africa must wake up, young people must take their responsibilities and their destiny in hand because they are the future. Creating dynamic enterprises that meet our needs is our mission’’, he says.