Mary Nyiriak Maker Deng Malou


Mary Nyiriak Maker Deng Malou





Mary Nyiriak Maker Deng Malou, who goes by Mary Maker, is a student at St. Olaf College, and a former teacher at Kakuma Refugee Camp. She is double majoring in Theater and Political Science with a concentration in Women and Gender Studies. Being a passionate believer in education, she gave a TED talk in 2018 on the importance of education to refugee girls. Coming from a male chauvinistic society, she strives to disrupt patriarchy through theater, a great tool for transforming refugee wounds into Scars ‘a sign of survival.’ Mary believes in equity and would go to any length to create and provide opportunities to her fellow refugees. She sees it as an open up to getting out of the harsh living conditions that she herself has lived in since the age of four when she sought asylum in Kenya, following the civil war in South Sudan.