Léopold Josias Tohoue

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Léopold Josias Tohoue





Léopold Josias TOHOUE is a highly accomplished senior technician in Animal Production and Health. He has excelled academically, earning a scholarship from the esteemed Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program.

In addition to his academic achievements, Léopold Josias has exhibited exceptional leadership skills throughout his career. He was elected as the president of the Adoukandji Youth Students Association, where he effectively mobilized and represented his peers. He also held the position of Adoukandji Youth District Chief, showcasing his strong management and decision-making

Furthermore, Josias serves as a member of Solid Minds’ mental health advisory team for the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program. He demonstrates his commitment to the well-being of others through his involvement in this role. Additionally, Léopold Josias has founded and serves as the Executive Director of VITAL AID ACT LTD, a social enterprise focused on women’s empowerment. Through this initiative, he works tirelessly to help women acquire rabbit farming skills and achieve financial independence.