Dorcas Lukwesa


Dorcas Lukwesa





Dorcas Lukwesa is the founder of Mobile Aquaponics, a social venture dedicated to mitigating the impact of climate change while supporting women smallholder farmers in rural areas of Nchelenge District by offering training in implementing small-scale aquaponics systems of farming constructed with locally available materials like bamboo to improve agricultural production and livelihoods under climate crisis. Dorcas is currently a graduate research assistant at Auburn University in the United States doing her master’s degree in Horticulture specializing in developing small-scale aquaponics systems and controlled environment agriculture systems for developing nations. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Sciences from EARTH University. During her final year of study, Dorcas worked in the communities of Costa Rica to promote sustainable agricultural practices and integrated waste management strategies for women and college students in the agribusiness sector. She served as a human resource manager for her school’s Agribusiness project dedicated to growing cassava sustainably.