Olayemi Dorcas Assogba


Olayemi Dorcas Assogba





Dorcas Olayèmi ASSOGBA, co-founder of CAJU VALOR and fellow of the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship, is a student pursuing her study in plant production at Abomey-calavi University in Benin. Vice president in Charge of public relations at the gavel club GANIATOU SAMBAO, an affiliation of Toastmasters International at the University of Abomey-calavi, Dorcas has a great passion for biodiversity, reading and sport. She intends to contribute to eradicating climate change and hunger in Africa.   Encouraging the safeguarding of green spaces by planting trees is one of her solutions. She dynamic, resilient, flexible, creative and empathic. She also has an excellent team spirit, know how to give direction to a group and work for the common good. She likes to help young girls and teenagers in order to allow them to be independent.