Ndagire Moreen Maria


Ndagire Moreen Maria





Ndagire Moreen Maria is a 23-year-old Ugandan currently pursuing her degree in Agricultural science and natural resource management at Earth University of Costa Rica. As the current CEO and founder of Fastmere, she has dedicated her efforts to working with rural farmers in Uganda through a committed team to help them better face the challenges of Agriculture in a rapidlychangingworldby giving them access to more profitable markets and market information. Maria has also worked with food for the hungry and co-authored a manual that guides the youth through entrepreneurship and worked with restless development prior to that as a Youth think tank researcher on the topic of young people’s adoption and adaption to technology in Agriculture. In addition, she is also a founder of a youth charity group called IHAF and holds great interest in harnessing young people’s potential through capacity building and mentorship so that they become cornerstones to building stronger communities.IHAF has managed to teach most young people the importance of community give back and voluntary work to achieve the common good of communities.