Maura Alvarez


Maura Alvarez





She is a recently graduated doctor from the Universidad Central de Venezuela. She was born and raised in Caracas. During her years at the University she had the chance to be part of multiple activities that helped her develop as a student leader. In 2011 she was in the students’ council, later in 2012 she was named vice-president of the International Congress for Medical Students. She became part of the Scientific Society of Medicinal Students where she served as the director PPRR and the Volunteering Programs. She has been a member of the Harvard Model United Nation’s team for 3 years and she was honored as 2015’s head delegate. Maura’s passion is helping others and she has been working very close with the indigenous populations in Venezuela. She hopes to achieve her dream: making her country’s healthcare system an example for the region of Latin America. She is currently living in Bolivar, in a community called Wonken, where she is the community doctor, tending to the community’s medical needs, and teaching first aid techniques to both children and adults.