Laura Morey


Laura Morey





Laura is a 23-year-old senior Economics student of Universidad Metropolitana from Caracas, Venezuela. She did community service throughout her high school years and has always been passionate about creating positive impact in what she does. She was a member of her university’s Harvard Model United Nations Team for 4 years, being Head Delegate in 2016 and Faculty Advisor in 2018. She currently works as Project Coordinator of a social organization that works to reduce violence in slums and is highly interested in project management, the conceptualization, elaboration, and execution of projects. As she wants to make positive change she is focused in expanding the project Nutriendo El Futuro, alongside her partner and friend, Samuel Diaz, to more vulnerable communities in El Hatillo suffering because of the alimentary crisis. In her own words: “I believe we are key players in improving lives, creating inclusiveness and promoting positive change”.