Devrim Tiryaki

Devrim Tiryaki is a student at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque majoring in Economics andPolitical Science. He is the President of the World Affairs Delegation, the Model United Nations organization at his university, as well as a founding member and the Treasurer of the Generation UnitedNations student organization, a group that engages in […]

Anand Macherla

Anand Macherla is a 2018 Venture For America Fellow and works as a Data Analyst at T. Rowe Price, an asset management firm in Baltimore, Maryland.Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Anand previously founded, and successfully exited from, a startup working with local artisans to share the cultural significance of their craft. He is an author […]

Esnath Divasoni

Esnath Divasoni is a CAMFED and MasterCard Foundation Scholar. She is currently at EARTH University in Costa Rica pursuing a career in agricultural sciences. She is also a CAMA member, alumnae association for CAMFED graduates, a pan-African movement that works in breaking the cycle of poverty for good. As a student leader, she is the […]

Nokuzola Ncube

Zola was born in Zimbabwe and raised in Canada. She is currently pursuing an Honours Specialization in Health Sciences at Western University (formerly University of Western Ontario) with the goal of having a career in global change as it pertains to sub-Saharan Africa. Zola is passionate about education, equity, and global citizenship. She is currently […]

Ailaina Danielle Aquino

Aina is a curious learner who loves to tell stories. In the past few years of following her curiosity, she has taken on different hats, from corporate experience to creative storytelling. After graduating from Management Engineering back in 2018, she took on a management trainee role in a big corporation, handling stints in marketing and […]

Gideon Tuffour Amponsah

Gideon is a youth activist from Ghana aspiring to be a lawyer and a social entrepreneur. Gideon holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance with a Concentration in Accounting from Minot State University, North Dakota. Gideon is a member of the Children’s and Youth in Broadcasting (Curious Minds), an organization led by young people […]

Claudia Saavedra

Claudia and her family moved from Chile to the United States in hopes for a better life to achieve the American Dream. Her strong work ethic led her to graduate at the top of her high school class, which qualified her for the NJ Stars scholarship and provided her the opportunity to attend community college […]

Allen Kendunga

Allen Kendunga is the founder of Talent Match, Inc. a professional development program aimed at closing the skills gap among Rwandan youth by providing career development services and coaching. She is passionate about sustainable economic development, education, and building human capital. Allen hopes to create a social impact among young people by helping them realize […]

Backtosch Mustafa

Backtosch Mustafa is a young medical student, future visiting researcher at the Harvard Medical School (Department for Neurology) and innovative social entrepreneur, who tackles various issues within the society, mainly witht the focus on educational injustice and health care. Due to his unique leadership skills he was awarded with over 12 prizes and scholarships. Backtosch […]

Carlos Aguilar

Carlos Aguilar is from El Salvador. Ever since he can remember, curiosity has been one of his most distinguishing traits. This never-ending thirst for knowledge has led Carlos to places and people worlds apart from his own culture and the way in which life is supposed to be understood. As a result, Carlos has been […]