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Jean Crespin Cubahiro is a MasterCard Foundation scholar and Industrial Engineering student at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. He is thriving as a consultant at 180 Degrees Consulting, where he has the opportunity to hone his teamwork and problem solving on real projects for NGOs. He is a self-driven social entrepreneur and co-founder of BioFarm, a Start-up producing biogas and fertilizers from cow manure, food waste, and other organic matter. He is also a founder of Spina Group, a business initiative that aims to empower, and train Burundian youth with entrepreneurship skills and skills training to mitigate the issue of unemployment in his community. 

Entrepreneurship is exciting for him because it provides the freedom to pursue creative ideas, make a meaningful impact, and experience personal growth, while also offering the potential for financial success and independence. Moreover, it allows individuals to address pressing issues in their communities, contribute to social and economic development, and create job opportunities, fostering positive change and making a lasting impact on society.