Francisco Torres


Francisco Torres





Francisco majors in Law and Anthropology with a minor in Sociology and Geography at Universidad de Los Andes. He was the Director of Social Responsibility in his school’s Students Council. He is the recipient of the Banco de la República Academic Excellence scholarship for his outstanding results in the Colombian State exam (ICFES). In 2022 he won the Resolution Project in Harvard’s Model United Nations with the project LUCHA. This initiative is the outcome of over two years of social work in Soacha, one of Colombia’s most impoverished communities, where he, along with students of Barrio Ciudadela Sucre, identified that inequality in the access to higher education was a major cause in the perpetuation of cycles of poverty. LUCHA provides quality courses to the community’s youth with the purpose of exacerbating access to higher education. Nowadays LUCHA offers a free preparation program in every area covered by the State exam, professional orientation services and it covers the cost of the inscription to one University for each one of its students.