Aranza Gonzalez

Aranza Gonzalez

Aranza Gonzalez





Aranza is a 23-year-old Medicine Student from Venezuela. She is in her last year of studies and soon will be headed to a rural community where she will develop the role of primary care doctor for a year. Before being involved in the field of health, Aranza was already interested in helping people from difficult access communities and humble societies through catholic journeys from her school, teaching kids basic English, values, and ways to take care of the environment. Later on, she participated in different groups that combined her two passions, providing health care while helping people less fortunate through campaigns and events from NGO’s. This year she is the co-founder of a project called E-ROQ which aims to teach 60 children from Los Roques, Venezuela the English language. Aranza thinks of herself as responsible, driven and kind and hopes this venture and Fellowship will become an important part of her professional and personal life.

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