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SmallScaleOA (Ocean Access)



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SmallScaleOA (Ocean Access) is a data economy for coastal community and seafood industry resilience.
SmallScaleOA is laying foundational digital infrastructure, forming an ecosystem that links dispersed
stakeholders together, ensures the validity and accessibility of data, and adequately rewards these
actors for their data contributions, all without requiring a central authority. By exponentially decreasing
the cost of collecting aquatic observations, while also increasing the inclusivity, equity, and relevance of
environmental data, SmallScaleOA’s decentralized approach could enhance fisheries/farm productivity
and efficiency; zonal management and marine spatial planning; product transparency/traceability for
quality and safety programs, or certification schemes; and even access to insurance, capital, investment,
and financial services. SmallScaleOA’s data economy is transforming the context within which coastal
resource decisions take place, starting in Indonesia, and later, to other important coastal areas.