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Ubah Ali is social activist and feminist from Somaliland, an internationally unrecognized country. She graduated from Abaarso School 2015, Miss Hall’s 2016, and currently doing her Bachelor degree in Politics and Human Rights at American University of Beirut. At the age of 18, Ali has started her own organization in 2015 called Rajo:Hope for Somaliland Community, which educates orphans and Somali unprivileged students. From 2012-2015, she was a tutor at Hargeisa Orphanage Center. Her dedication and had work inspired orphans to learn despite the daily problems they face. Some of the orphans that she taught are studying schools in the USA. After her college graduation, she is committed to go back home and rebuild her country. Ali and her team were among the MasterCard Foundation scholars who won the 2018-2019 Resolution Project, and their goal is to eradicate all forms of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) across communities in Somaliland.