Kawsar Muuse


Kawsar Muuse





Kawsar Muuse is psychology major student at the American University of Beirut. Muuse is from Somaliland, a country which is a self-declared state but international not recognize yet. Muuse is a humanitarian activist and entrepreneur who wants to lift needy people in her community. After her graduation, Muuse worked with two organization, Taakulo Somaliland Community and Abaarso School of Science and Technology. In addition, Muuse started a campaign called Make an Orphan Happy and Belonged, which organizes fun days for orphans in her village twice a year. Most recently, Muuse and her team won The Resolution Project Fellowship in their social venture which aims to eradicate all forms of FGM In Somaliland. Muuse was deeply driven to do this project due to her personal story and wants to be the voice of these girls who are getting mutilated every single day in Somaliland. Currently, Muuse is on a journey of getting her degree and working for Solace for Somaliland Girls Foundation which is an organization that wants to end FGM Somaliland.