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Prince M Abudu




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Prince Abudu is an unabashed optimist and highly motivated youth leader who has an amazing commitment to excellence, along with firm determination to serve for a greater good. Prince graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and as the highest-ranking scholar in the Department of Computer Science at Morehouse College, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Prince is currently working on a DPhil in Computer Science within the Sensor Networks and Indoor Positioning Group at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. Prince’s research focuses on optimizing Machine Learning algorithms i.e. Recurrent Neural Networks for IoT applications. Prince is also Co-Founder and Operations Lead for Emergination Africa (, an intercontinental youth-driven e-mentoring organization. In 2014, owing to his social venture’s success, Prince was selected to be a Resolution Project Fellow at the Clinton Global Initiative University in Arizona, USA. In 2017, Prince joined the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance as an associate, being selected to represent less than 2% of young African entrepreneurs who applied to the alliance.