Pranjal Tiwari

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Pranjal Tiwari




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Pranjal is a final-year meritious student of Computer science at NMIMS University in India specializing in Cybersecurity. He has experience of working in the domains of Threat Intelligence, risk management, Artificial Intelligence and MedTech. Pranjal has a passion for research, strategic planning and administration. While working on the ESG assessment of an AgroTech company, he understood the pivotal role of green fuels and recycling in achieving sustainable development. Pranjal and his co-founders started SaveANN with the aim of acting as a bridging agent between biowaste generators and recyclers. SaveANN acts as a logistical partner helping to channelize wet waste from distributed sources like vegetable vendors and delivers it to Upcylers such as Biogas manufacturers and Organic fertilizer manufacturers.