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Natalie is an International Economics and Spanish major at St. Lawrence University in upstate New York. On campus, the Kenyan native is president of the African Students Union, a senator on the student government and a Swahili teaching assistant. Her academic interests lie in economics (financial & development), international relations and languages. As a social entrepreneur, she is very passionate about the untapped potential of women in developing countries and believes it is the surest way to achieve an all rounded development agenda in these regions. Together with her co-founder Faith Chuma of Brown University, they seek to bridge the development gap witnessed by rural women in Kenya by jointly addressing education, empowerment, food and income through Los Pacho Initiative. She is a change agent at The Network of Women Investing in Africa leadership program and is delighted to engage with the Resolution project. Global music and visual arts are her favorite pastime. Her eyes are set on joining the ranks of policy wonks in the near future.