Lusekelo Nkuwi


Lusekelo Nkuwi





Lusekelo Nkuwi is a senior at Kentucky State University. He is passionate about Agriculture, youth empowerment and public health. At African Leadership Academy, he co-directed Grow Green Itsuseng, a community garden that produced healthy food for the poor communities in the outskirts of Johannesburg. This past summer, Lusekelo interned with Harvard School of Public Health in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He interviewed participants, collected data, prepared and presented reports. Lusekelo enjoys travelling and has learned a lot from experiencing different cultures in different continents. He has lived in South Africa, Costa Rica and in the U.S.A; Lusekelo is fluent in Swahili, English and Spanish. He founded The Gifted Farmer; the venture’s mission is to eradicate poverty through entrepreneurship training in rural areas. He also previously won the Dar es Salaam Young Entrepreneurship Challenge, a business idea competition in Tanzania.