José Martín Solórzano González

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José Martín Solórzano González





José Martín Solórzano González was born and raised in an zoque indigenous town in Chiapas, Mexico. He studied Medicine at Universidad Autónoma de Chiapas. He has worked in indigenous communities of Southern Mexico and highly concentrated Hospitals in southern and central Mexico, with the providing first-level health care. In 2013 he was elected by the Mexican government as the Mexican Youth Delegate to the United Nations, where he was part of important discussions and decisions in youth matters, social inclusion and health. Currently, He acts like indigenous representer to internationals events  that works over health, social development and education. He’s the president of ‘Iniciativa Construyendo Salud A.C.’, a ONG that works in social development  and improvement of quality of life of people in vulnerability’s situation around México, continue working like a doctor in indigenous communities where gives health care in first level of attention.