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Anish Sudhan is a senior majoring in Computer Science and Engineering with a specialisation in Cybersecurity from NMIMS’ School of Engineering, Mumbai, India. Since childhood he’s been fascinated with the ideal of freedom – to voice one’s opinion, be who one wants to be, and live a good life which everyone deserves. 

In high school, he sought Model UN conferences as a platform to grow, connect with individuals with diverse perspectives and embrace his notion of freedom. In the process, he was sensitised to all that happened around him, to the issues that percolated society and established itself right under his nose. 

He realised he had to create impact, and with his venture, ReFlex, he aims to do just that. ReFlex seeks to contribute to a circular economy, preventing the toxic flex material from reaching the landfills and repurposing them to serve as roofings for the underserved population in his city. Though starting small, he aims to grow this venture, amplify his impact, and affect more people’s lives.

While he’s about to graduate and enter the working class, juggling various interests and career paths, he’s sure of one goal that will always remain constant- to be a change-maker.