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Albert Erasmus Grafe




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Albert has completed his B.Sc. in Economics at the University of Mannheim and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Economics at Humboldt University Berlin. Albert works part time for a member of the German Parliament. He takes a special interest in economic policy and finance. Albert has always been particularly sensitive to social injustice and the treatment of minorities, which led him to found the Amnesty International Youth Group in his home town of Leipzig in 2012 and ultimately encouraged him to start the social venture Connect. Connect aims to make a difference in the lives of refugees and university students in Mannheim alike by bringing both groups together to learn and teach their native language and culture to and from one another. Connect’s goal is to build bridges between Germans and refugees at a time when prejudices persist and hostility is on the rise. Albert’s long term personal goal is a career in German-European politics.