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Veaceslav is a student of Computer Science at Chattahoochee Technical College, Georgia State. He was born and lived for 18 years in the Republic of Moldova. He studied one year at Technical University of Moldova at Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics, specialty Information Technology. When he was a child, he was introduced to the world of digital technology by his aunt, who is an Informatics and Math teacher. He started with the first generation of computers and learned it. He was growing with the evolution of technology, and he realized that the importance of this tool to education is immense.  

He felt that it was his time to take the initiative and to create opportunities. Since 2010, he has been an active volunteer. He started in his village, Zimbreni, then he moved to the regional level, and after years he was known at the national level. In 2010, he created a small initiative group that had the main goal to mobilize the youth to get engaged in different social activities. In the same year, he and his team managed to connect their high school to high speed internet connection and wireless network, through a fundraising competition.

In 2012, he and his team won a project to create a radio station for school programs and kids divertissement. In 2011, he joined the Youth Government of Moldova, and next year he was elected to be the prime-minister. He was awarded, by the Council of Ialoveni – local governance, with 2 titles for good social activism and amazing leadership skills: “The Best Volunteer of 2012” and “The Best Local Youth Council of 2011”. In 2013, he became the president of the youth from district Ialoveni, as the district won the title of “The Youth Capital of Republic of Moldova”. Also, he is an alumni of World Forum for Democracy 2014 of European Youth Forum and a member of International Youth Council.

He grew up in a village with limited access to technology and the challenges he faced growing up poor, led him to create “DigiKidz” – using digital technology to improve the educational system in high schools from rural areas in the Republic of Moldova. He believes in an era of digital technology and empowered youth.