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Sagar is an avid proponent of the Blue Ocean Strategy. He enjoys exploring blue oceans in the economy and in real life.

According to The Economic Times, he was one of India’s brightest engineering minds in 2020. His GPA disagrees.

He believes India is brimming with potential. But to realize that potential, young Indians need to feel ready to take on the world. He does his bit by helping them with their confidence and well-being through both his ventures.

Mauka is an EdTech platform that helps young Indians with their soft skills. It raised its pre-seed round from the Government of India and a few angel investors.

Citta is a non-profit focused on making mental health more accessible to young Indians. Citta received seed funding from The Resolution Project, and he was awarded the Resolution Fellowship.

For his work with Citta, particularly during the COVID-19 crisis, he received the Diana Award, in the name of the Princess of Wales, the most prestigious award a young person can get for their social and humanitarian work.