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Pablo Henning was born in Caracas, Venezuela but has been living in Houston, Texas since 2001, and is currently studying bioengineering there at Rice University. Having his origins in a developing country, he has been always conscious of the great difference of life in a developed country versus a developing one. Following his interests in biology, technology, and health issues, he took a global health class in which he conceived Babymetrix with three other friends. Babymetrix is an instrument that measures the length, weight, and head circumference of children and can be used to diagnose childhood malnutrition. The four have continued the project afterwards and Pablo is very grateful for being in a supportive and positive team — their hope is that with the help of The Resolution Project they will be able to take Babymetrix to doctors and babies around the world and improve their lives. In addition, Pablo has a strong interest in graphic design and typography that inevitably affects everything he does, ensuring that aesthetics are always in consideration. With Babymetrix, he hopes to be able to make an impact in countries suffering from infant malnutrition and maybe one day bring it to his original home of Venezuela.