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Mike Pereira is currently studying at Washington University in St. Louis. Mike has started the Pathfinder Initiative, an innovative way to benefit the lives of returning veterans and the larger community. The Pathfinder Initiative offers returning veterans the opportunity to increase self-awareness, confidence, and purpose through a curriculum in natural horsemanship and, upon completion of the program, the opportunity to share their knowledge with at-risk demographics in the area. Mike believes that our returning veterans have tremendous potential as community leaders and models. Having served in Afghanistan and worked in Iraq, Mike understands the challenges of coming home for veterans. Since his return home from Iraq in 2007, Mike has, with the help of the strong, supporting community, found how to turn the challenge into action by understanding what he learned in his experiences and how to offer that to the greater community through leadership and service. Mike has been recognized by US Senator Patty Murray (D-Washington State) and recent Washington State governor Christine Gregoire for his work with veterans. 

Mike also served as the director of the Fellowship Program for The Mission Continues where he worked to find hundreds of veterans the opportunity to find purpose in service here at home. Mike is currently on an academic track to complete a PhD in clinical psychology.